Freedom to webdesigners

We like unicorns more than uniforms. Therefore we created this backend that gives (almost*) total freedom to web-designers.

We trust that you as a designer are perfectly capable of realising your vision in html, css and maybe a pinch of javascript. Also we understand that maybe you don’t feel like setting up a CMS for each client. We sure as h#ck got bored with that pretty quickly. Now you can simply connect your design to Bloembraaden and be done.

Happy designing!

* Regarding the almost in “(almost*) total freedom”: in your design you have to take into account the contents that your client can create and update. Bloembraaden supports Pages, Images (with src set), Embeds, Menus and Files, as well as several e-commerce elements like Product and Variant and last but not least Properties, that you can use as categories and / or tags. For each of these Elements you can design one or more templates.

Decorative image.