Start with Bloembraaden

Current beta release is stable enough to host stunning websites (like this one) and e-commerce webshops, albeit not every (e-commerce) option is readily available yet. For the moment your design will be connected to Bloembraaden by hand.

Pilot website

We are looking for pilot projects to gather feedback about the backend and have it tested by actual users. Pilot projects are not free but we’re willing to waive some of the costs.

Advantage Bloembraaden

You should definitely contact me if ambiance or mood is important for the website you are creating, especially if supported by video and / or audio. Bloembraaden offers a seamless browsing experience as standard, including progressive loading. Meanwhile, by only exchanging the (text) data it stays lightning fast. Video and audio keep playing smoothly while the visitor browses your website.

Bloembraaden vs. WordPress

This probably warrants a blog post of some sort, but it comes down to this: Bloembraaden has way less options and turn-key solutions than WordPress. However, Bloembraaden uses fresh programming principles and strict separation of functionality (layers), resulting in a flexible and stable environment to create websites in.

Having a technician build your new site from the ground up ensures the code will be lean and fast while having total freedom in the design. Unlike WordPress, where you have to whip a boatload of sh*zzle into something you kind-of meant. In Bloembraaden content editing and formatting are a breeze, straight out of the box. Things that are hard to achieve with WordPress.

The inevitable call to action

Get in touch to see if we’re right for eachother: contact

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